Get a Soil Test for Satsuma

June 2, 2011

Q: I planted a healthy Satsuma orange tree in my front yard in full sun about five years ago. I have fed it regularly and kept it watered. It is very healthy and puts on good new growth every year, but every spring after a fruit set of up to several hundred oranges, every single […]

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Hot Vinegar Might Do The Trick With Betony

May 26, 2011

Q: You wrote that vinegar would be an organic way to kill weeds and also mentioned hot water, so I wondered, should the vinegar be hot to do a better job? Will the vinegar kill the corms underground of Florida betony, too? My planting areas are overrun with it. Also, does the edible leaf look […]

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Fall is Best, But Daylilies Can Be Divided Anytime

May 19, 2011

Q: Is now a good time to divide daylilies? Is there a trick to it? How often should I divide them? A: Even though fall is the best time to divide daylilies, they’re so tough that you really can divide them anytime. Most gardeners in the Deep South divide daylilies every three years. Dig the […]

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Florida Betony Difficult To Eradicate

May 12, 2011

Q: I have a very invasive pest plant in a three-year-old flowerbed. I have found literally hundreds of the rhizomes when digging to put in new plants. A few of the rhizomes have been nearly two inches in length, always with the characteristic ribbing (looking like a fat caterpillar), always white. Can you help me […]

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Amaryllis Needs High Shade, Good Drainage

May 5, 2011

Q: We would like to grow amaryllis in outside beds, but all the articles I find concerning amaryllis seem to be for growing them in pots. What do you suggest? A: In colder climes, people grow amaryllis in pots and move them to protected areas or indoors for the winter. Because of our relatively mild […]

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Using Roundup On Patio Can Damage Nearby Trees

April 28, 2011

Q: Over the past few summers, I’ve used extended control Roundup in late spring to kill the weeds that come up between the pavers on my patio. Last fall, we planted a couple of small trees near the patio to provide shade, and my neighbor says they’ll die if I use the Roundup this year. […]

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Wire Underneath Raised Garden Bed Can Foil Moles

April 20, 2011

Q: I’m planning a raised vegetable garden bed in my backyard. I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure about the bottom of the bed. Do I put a bottom in the bed? If so, should I use wood, plastic or what? My concern is based on the fact that my yard has a […]

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Climbing Fig Can Be Invasive

April 13, 2011

Q: We have a large tree in our yard that I can’t identify. The “fruit” on it is odd, and when I cut it open, it smells like a gardenia. I’m sending a photo of it. Any ideas? A: Your “tree” is actually a vine that is extremely happy where it lives. Ficus pumila, also […]

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Shade Perennials

March 30, 2011

Q: What perennial flowers will grow in shade? We have a tree-shaded slope that we’d like to cover with flowers, but we don’t want to replant every year. A: While there aren’t as many flowering perennials for shady sites as there are for sunny sites, there are quite a few to choose from. One thing […]

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