Fall is Best, But Daylilies Can Be Divided Anytime

by Ms. Grow-It-All on May 19, 2011

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Q: Is now a good time to divide daylilies? Is there a trick to it? How often should I divide them?

A: Even though fall is the best time to divide daylilies, they’re so tough that you really can divide them anytime. Most gardeners in the Deep South divide daylilies every three years.

Dig the entire clump and divide into individual plants. You’ll be able to see very easily where the divisions are. When you replant them, dig a hole, then place a mound of dirt in the center of the hole. Set the bottom of the plant on top of the mound, and spread the roots and rhizomes around the mound so they drape down into the bottom of the hole. Top-dress with a little compost to get the new plants off to a good start.

Water well until the plants are established and begin to grow. You might not get blooms this year, but plants can surprise you.

Citrus fertilization: If you haven’t given your citrus trees a dose of fertilizer this month, do it now. Citrus needs fertilization in February, May and August. If you missed the February dose, don’t double the May one. Give a very light one again in June, then follow that with the regular amount in August
Use a fertilizer formulated for citrus, because it has the right balance of the major elements and include micronutrients that citrus requires. The amount of fertilizer needed varies, depending upon the age of the tree and the type of citrus, so follow the label instructions.

Garden photos: Got an especially lovely flower or a vegetable you’re especially proud of, such as a giant zucchini that looks like Richard Nixon? Send a high-resolution digital photo and I’ll post it on my website. Please include your name and a description of how and where you grew your prize.

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